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Morning Meets with God

Oct 1, 2021

Creatives are called to be counter-culture. This is not to give permission to rebellion but it is to “go against the grain” to produce what is needed for the future. Many creatives struggle with this call and as a response turn away from it willingly. However, God is bringing awareness to this trauma response and instructing us with what to do to turn away and be healed. Episode 15 examines the heart posture and stance of many creatives who may not understand or value why God has called them to their difference. God is releasing the answers to our focus issues and the lack of impact by bringing awareness to an area that limits our creativity & potentially stops the move of God through us on the Earth. Where the enemy’s agenda is to keep us blinded, God desires that we not agree with blindness, but that we stand willing to see, hear, and understand with our hearts - Matthew 13:15 & Acts 28: 26-27.

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