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Morning Meets with God

Feb 12, 2021

Ever wonder what’s going through the mind of some creatives?!?! Does it seem like they are in a world of their own??!! The truth is... WE PROBABLY ARE! This episode takes a sneak peek into what’s happening in the reality of the world of creatives. As much as we think creatives are a people group in the world, Creatives are literally living in the reality that the Earth is bathed in!

Creatives are not in a world of their own & this episode chat invites others into the reality of those who are of a creativity nature. “Creativity is not in the World, the World is in Creativity.” This thought should change our perspective around the mass field of creativity and what’s evolving around it. Creatives are: Moved off of inspiration ( breathe, spirit - Spirit of God; Genesis 1: 1-2), triggered through passion, stimulated by experience, and evolves over time.

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