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Morning Meets with God

Mar 12, 2021

Examine your life, Creative! How do you perceive a blank canvas? Is it an opportunity or a sign of defeat. How we perceive it and take it on determines what we do with what we have been entrusted with. Psalmist Raine takes helps us to assess our approach to creativity by challenging our thoughts around every area or scope of service that God has given us to work from. It’s time to remove all limitations and it starts right here!

Assessing our perception can help us to determine some of the stumbling blocks within our own creativity. This episode dissects the perception that creatives have regarding the opportunities that God may give them to create. We explore Noah and the blank canvas he had to face and see by faith, the opportunity to make a difference. It was present for him and He moved. Although He had no template, it was an opportunity and not a space of or for defeat. ]

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