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Morning Meets with God

Sep 17, 2021

Whether we know it or not, we encountere inventors in our everyday life. Inventors are not just defined as those who start from nothing and create something. Inventors are those who push the limitless and create new possibilities for our World. Today, we honor YOU! This episode’s conversation discusses the traits of those everyday inventors. Whether you are the mother that creates a new system for her children to get their work done or giving advice to a friend, whether you develop the latest technology advancement or you offer ideas for clothing, We Honor You!

Episode 13 is all about HONOR! Conversation birthed from Idea to Value’s article “ How to Develop the Mind of An Inventor”, Psalmist Raine shares some of the concepts and thoughts that help us to identify inventors. The exposure of everyday inventors does not come from the advancement of artificial intelligence; it comes from the grace & nature of the Apostle. The nature & grace of the Apostle has been on the forefront of this era. What was impossible before is now possible & this generation carry the wherewith all to accomplish this push for the Glory of the Lord. God is highlighting and honoring the everyday inventor because He is using their tools and creativity to spread the message of the Kingdom. God is also purifying the heart, hands, and motives of the inventors in this day and age so they can use their gift for the advancement of the Kingdom on the Earth. Check out this article to help you see how much of an Inventor you are.

Article: R., Heather, “How to Develop The Mind of An Inventor”, Idea to Value, 11, February 2019,

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