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Morning Meets with God

Mar 28, 2022

In order to fully walk out this life of fellowship with God, we need to truly understand what it means to be in Covenant with the Lord. During this Episode, Psalmist Raine teaches the foundational concept of Covenant and brings revelation by exploring the first
covenant ever made. This covenant was not with man, but it was concerning man.

Episode Synopsis: Episode 1 shares God’s heart concerning covenant. In order to truly understand our relationship with God, we need to understand God’s plan, heart, and intentions
when entering into such a sacred, highly valued vow. The amazing thing that is revealed in this episode is that the first covenant God entered into was with Himself concerning man (Genesis
1:26). We learn and explore the full weight of covenant from God’s perspective. It’s important for our aspect of upholding fellowship with God as Covenant Keepers.

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