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Morning Meets with God

Oct 15, 2021

The demand is high for creatives in our time, but it’s important that we reverence and engage in rest. Part of our culture as creatives is embracing what God has set as principles and disciplines of life and living. Rest is a part of it. We have to see rest as God sees it. In this episode,Psalmist Raine shares how important rest is to God and the creative, how much it demonstrates which kingdom we belong to, and what we should do to honor Rest… within our culture… For our Culture!

Embracing how God sees rest and implementing it can oftentimes be one of the hardest things for us as creatives to do. We don’t realize how neglecting rest demonstrates that we live as if we are still in bondage. In Deuteronomy 5, the Lord connects the observance of rest to the life of bondage from Egypt. I learn that it is in fact offensive to God and it doesn’t align our thoughts and life to how God sees rest. What a virtue! As God’s own, we are called to live liberated in the Lord Jesus Christ and we have to make this a discipline of our life. In doing so, we can really demonstrate that we belong to God and He belongs to us!

Music for Mediation: “Our Creator” - Psalmist Raine -

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