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Morning Meets with God

Aug 27, 2021

God’s Son & Daughters in the Earth have a special assignment; not only to carry HIS DNA & create but to be LIKE HIM! Jesus demonstrated this with His walk on the Earth. Walking in the Likeness of God can only happen through fellowship. Outside of that you can run the risk of being a distorted reflection of Him.

Episode 10 emphasizes the thought that not only are you made in His image but we are called to live out the likeness of God that we have been made into as well. Jesus stood by this way of living when He healed the lame man at the Pool of Bethesda in John 5. His proclamation to religious leaders was that He is only doing what He sees His Father doing and Jesus was threatened to be persecuted just for living out what it is to be - living and walking in the likeness of God. Psalmist Raine breaks down this mandate as a part of our call in the Earth and those who are willing to stand for that without compromise in this day like Jesus, are the remnant. We are God’s special Crew & God is shaping our culture, so that we may represent HIM.

Music for Meditation: Our Devotion - Psalmist Raine & The ReFresh Team -

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