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Morning Meets with God

Apr 4, 2022

In this meeting, the heart of the believer will be uplifted concerning our surrender to the will of the Lord. Surrendering may not always be the easiest but in the river of the Lord, it is effortless. It allows us to live in total dependence on God and that is the very place of victory. We are encouraged to surrender to the will of the Lord to experience this victorious life in God.

Episode Synopsis: This episode deals with the free flowing spirit of the Lord. Based on Ezekiel 47, Psalmist Raine shares about the refreshing river of the Lord. This river propels the believer into a great life of victory in Jesus. It requires the relinquishing of our will to surrender to the current of the Lord. There are benefits flowing in the river of the Lord. You never have to be confused about life because God will reveal His heart and his will. From the posture of correct alignment of our hearts and desires, we will find ourselves dwelling in the place of victory.

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