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Morning Meets with God

Sep 10, 2021

Ever had trouble managing your emotions & decided that it was best to just go numb. This is the trick of the adversary to desensitize us; when the Lord allows our emotions to be indicators. Sometimes it can be the very indicator you need to push you to birth out the very solution that this world needs. This episode chat is about us turning our emotions into creative fuel for our purpose in the Earth for the Glory of the Lord. As the Lord shared with me, I share with you... Don’t Curse Your Sensitivity.

Episode 12 exposes the agenda of the kingdom of darkness that persuades us to be out of touch with our sensitivity. God uses our emotions as indicators; they were never designed to lord over our lives. In the Episode, we discuss how Jesus used his awareness of his & our emotions as a key for intercession for the World as our Eternal High Priest ( Hebrews 4:15). This is a model for every creative as God shapes our cultural norms with His Truth.

Music for Meditation: To The King - Psalmist Raine -

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