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Morning Meets with God

Oct 22, 2021

Elevations, Promotions, Expansion is celebrated, and it is generally great until you have to face everything that comes with it. We generally end up turning our greatest passions, goals, and joys into a dreadful space of labor and duty. However, God is changing our perspective about increase, it is the reward of those who have been found faithful in the last season. We see this treasure made plan and clear in Luke 12:41-48. God responds to the faithful with more. We just have to learn to respond well to it.

Episode 18 discusses the aftermath of crossing the threshold of increase. We expect it to be like a vacation to us and God, with a joyful heart, gives you more. How we handle that more is typically where we tend to drag our feet. This increase may cause for greater strategy, more people to manage, more items to produce, but the promise that the Earth will yield its’ increase. Your field will respond to the posture of your heart and the work of your hands, if your mind is renewed about it. See increase from God’s perspective. It brings him great delight to hand you more when you’ve been found trustworthy. Whether we believe it or not, this is still the goodness of our God, while we are living in this land. So, don’t despise your increase, don’t harden your heart towards it, move as God would have you to move. Receive your increase and steward it well! Who knows? This expansion can be the step up of a lifetime.

Music for Mediation: “You Are Good” - Psalmist Raine -


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