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Morning Meets with God

Oct 8, 2021

We explore the journey and the conversation between God and Jeremiah concerning his Optimum Self in Jeremiah 1: 5-9. His Optimum Self was based on what had been predetermined for Him. God sees Him as the son that will prophesy and uproot, dethrone, or build up and plant kingdoms and nations. Jeremiah immediately responds with what many of us do with fear… “God, I can’t speak for you.” This is our response when we are afraid of how God sees us & actually living it out. To make impact with intention as a creative, we need to walk through the journey and the process to demolish this fear. Being our Optimum Self is living out how God sees us and what He has appointed for us.


Music for Mediation: “All for your Glory & Honor - Psalmist Raine & The ReFresh Team -


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