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Morning Meets with God

Sep 3, 2021

The mandate for every creative is to be a culture shifter. God has strategically placed us on the Earth to establish what should be normal and what should not be normal for the Earth. Creatives shouldn’t just produce products without building a culture that can house the message of the vision and mandate. Jesus did this, Apostle Paul did this, & So can YOU!

Episode 11 sets the bar high with encouragement about building for the future, with the future in mind. Every creative, inventor, musician, artist is called to disturb the current culture to establish something new based on the standards of the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus came to shift the culture - John 1. Paul and Silas carried a witness to shift the culture - Acts 17:5 . This is the mandate for creatives. Building culture builds legacy, impacts & raises a generation - Psalms 102:18. Settling for moments through experiences and encounters dismisses the mandate and the calling of creatives after God’s heart.

Music for Meditation: Our Devotion - Psalmist Raine & The ReFresh Team -

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