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Morning Meets with God

Feb 26, 2021

In order for Creatives to produce in a healthy manner, they must do 2 things: Break the Limits & Set Boundaries. Sounds like double talk, but looking at the pattern of how God created, it is necessary for giving each aspect of creation purpose & intent.

This episode expounds on limitations that are not given to a creative but limitations that has stirred from within the creative one. Most limitations are effective because of internal agreement. While we break the internal limitations that keep us bound, we must learn our to “Separate” our creativity to give purpose and intent to the created. Looking at God’s pattern in Genesis 1:6-10, God not only called what He wanted to create to be; but he also had to give each creation it’s space and boundary so that it would not affect the other aspects of His Creation. It’s the strategy of healthy productivity that every Creative should embrace to maximize purpose with creation.

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