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Morning Meets with God

Apr 11, 2022

After understanding how God handled covenant with His people in the Old Testament, we were blessed in this meeting to see what Jesus did for us when He died for us. Hebrews 8 shared that He mediated for us a “ far, better covenant” than what was in place prior to. God entered into covenant with those He had set as His own. Unfortunately, fault was found with us in the old testament way. It became evident that man could not uphold their end of the covenant with God because of the bondage of sin. This covenant with Jesus is far better, because we are empowered to uphold this covenant that we have in God.  

Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection was so much bigger than just delivering us from Satan. His surrender to the plan of God for us has brought us into a greater place of honoring God through this covenant we have with him. We are able now to actually uphold honor for this covenant that God has with us. We don’t engage in this covenant just for the better promises that are attached to it, but we engage in it because we have been empowered to honor this covenant. Hebrews chapter 8 shares with us the extent of this covenant that had been mediated for by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Learning to live in full honor of what had been established through Jesus Christ is our focus and goal. It helps us to uphold and fulfill our part of this covenant that we have with our God. It’s a beautiful thing to be empowered for this covenant. It’s also a beautiful thing that God still wants to be in covenant with us despite our inabilities to uphold this covenant with Him. What a beautiful thing!